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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have already sent your order through our designer, you have to contact us via email or phone within the next 12 hours and tell us, if the product has already been manufactured, there is no turning back.

You can log into your account to change it, however, it is important that if you want an order to arrive at another address, you notify us as soon as possible.

If you can receive same day delivery, however, you should contact us to find out the possibilities. Your order would probably have an extra cost for delivery and assembly on the same day. Contact us and we will let you know.

LWe only make returns unless our products are damaged from the factory. We invite you to read more about our return policies. 

Return Policy

You can reset your password, log in with your email address and press lost my password, you will immediately receive an email to reset it, remember to check your spam folder. Otherwise you can contact us and we will help you..

Your personal information is protected and we do not share it with any third party, we only use your personal information to deliver your orders.