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Responsible for the treatment

The person responsible for the processing of your personal data is Custom T-Shirts Online, with address to listen to and receive any type of notifications located at 4724 Wilshire Dr, Midland Tx, 79703.

Categories of personal data subject to processing
Personal data collected to provide you with the Services

For the provision of our Services and to comply with the processing purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice, Custom T-Shirts Online will process the following categories of personal data:

  • Identification and contact information
  • Asset and/or financial data
  • Demographic data, including data related to the geographic location of the device you use to use our Services, Information about your preferences and interests related to the goods, products and Services we offer you. Additionally, when you decide to register as a user of our technological tools through social networks, chat and similar technologies, we may collect the identification and contact data with which you have registered in order to identify you and allow you to log in. Additionally, when you use our Applications, we may collect information about your device which may include, if necessary, information about the geographic location of the device, information generated through the use of other services such as GPS and signals. wifi, information about is technical and operational features .

Likewise, the information generated by other connected or used devices (including your IP address and the identification data of your device), data related to browsing, data on the use and consumption of internet services from your device as well as information related to the use of third-party Applications and services.

personal data of third parties and minors

Custom T-Shirts Online may process personal identification and contact data of third parties when you or said third parties provide them for purposes related to the delivery of orders previously requested by you , in order to be able to generate a record on the receipt of the same at the address you have indicated.

By providing this information, you acknowledge that you have informed said third parties about the use of your data and have previously obtained their consent so that Custom T-Shirts Online can process them for the aforementioned purposes.

At Custom T-Shirts Online we do not collect personal information from minors, so by providing your data you acknowledge that you are of legal age and have read the content of this privacy notice.

In the event that the processing of personal data of minors is necessary, we will do so with the prior, express and informed consent of the parent, guardian and/or person exercising parental authority.

Primary purposes of treatment

Custom T-Shirts Online collects your personal data for the following purposes that are necessary to provide you with the services that, where appropriate, you request from us:

  • Updating our treatment systems and databases.
  • Creation of your Customer account on our Internet Portals and/or Applications and allowing you to use the services.
  • Process orders, purchases and/or requests for information.
  • Carry out physical delivery of orders to the address you have previously indicated.
  • Carry out the section of goods and/or products that you have chosen.
  • Process payments, bank clarifications and billing. Keep a history of your purchases and use of services.
  • Validate the veracity and quality of the information provided by you.
  • Identify and prevent possible illicit conduct that may constitute a violation of current legal provisions.
  • Address questions, complaints, comments, suggestions, clarifications, returns and/or follow up on them.
  • Identification of vulnerable activities and compliance with the obligations provided for by the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin and other applicable regulations, carry out internal investigations and comply with internal policies and processes.
  • Send you advertising, promotional and/or informative information and personalized commercial prospecting through the offering of goods, services, promotions and/or offers from Custom T-Shirts Online in accordance with your interests and consumer preferences, as well as other brands. . and/or commercial names including sending communications through emails, telephone calls, short messages and other means of physical and/or electronic communication.
  • Keep track of session time when you use our services and technological tools.

The above secondary purposes are based on your consent. The above means that you can oppose any of them at any time, or revoke your consent.

Custom T-Shirts Online has ended , which means that Custom T-Shirts Online may continue to process your personal data necessary to fulfill these secondary purposes.

You may change your option at any time, so if you do not want Custom T-Shirts Online to process your personal data for any of the secondary purposes described, you may express your refusal by entering the following link https://www.customtshirtsonline.us/contact/

Data transfers
Not subject to consent

In terms of legislation on the protection of personal data, Custom T-Shirts Online may transfer your personal data to both national and foreign entities, without requiring your consent, only in the following cases:

  • Competent authorities in the legally provided cases, especially in those cases in which they are necessary for the substantiation of an investigation or procedure of a jurisdictional or administrative nature.
  • When legally required by virtue of current legislation.

Means and procedure to exercise ARCO Rights and/or revocation of consent for the processing of personal data

In accordance with the provisions regarding the protection of personal data, you have the right to know the personal data we have about you, what we use it for and the conditions of use we give it (Access). Likewise, you have the right to request the correction of your personal data if it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); Likewise, you can request that we delete your data from our records or databases when you consider that it is not being used in accordance with the principles, duties and obligations provided for in the regulations (Cancellation); as well as oppose the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights.

Likewise, you have the power to Revoke your Consent that, if applicable, you have granted us for the processing of your personal data. You must consider that the revocation of your consent will mean that we will not be able to continue providing the service you requested from us, or the conclusion of your relationship with us. Likewise, not in all cases we will be able to respond to your request or terminate the use immediately, since it is possible that due to some legal obligation we need to continue processing your personal data. You should also consider that for certain fines.


We inform you that you can initiate processing of requests for the exercise of the aforementioned rights, we will address any questions you may have regarding the processing of your information and we will follow up on any complaint or claim related to the processing of your personal data.

In that sense, and in accordance with the provisions of the Law, only you or your legal representative may make such requests and have greater detail of the necessary procedure and requirements, through the following mechanisms:

  • Application Form is available on our website https://www.customtshirtsonline.us/contact ; In this form you can tell us your doubts or concerns and we will respond.

Protection of your property information

When purchasing a product, you will be asked for personal information (we do not request bank details) which will be handled in a secure, complete and confidential manner since we use SSL security certificates signed by a valid certifying entity (Let ‘s code Authority _ To verify that you are in a protected environment, make sure that an “S” appears in the navigation bar (“ https”:/ /).

Cookies and other technologies

Custom T-Shirts Online uses various technologies to improve the efficiency of our websites and technological tools, including your experience when you browse these sites or use our network. These technologies include the use of cookies, which are small amounts of information that are stored in the browser used by each user so that the server remembers certain information that it can later use. This information allows us to identify you and save your personal preferences to provide you with a better browsing experience.

On our websites and applications we may use cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies, our own and third parties, that allow us to fulfill the purposes reported in this Privacy Notice.

The different types of cookies that we use to obtain identification data and data related to your purchasing behavior and use of internet services are:

  • Essential cookies: We use these technologies to allow you proper use of our websites, so they cannot be disabled as they are necessary to allow you to use the functionalities of our websites and technological tools.
  • Cookies to remember your preferences and experience: Through these technologies we obtain browsing hours, browsing time on our Internet page, sections consulted, and Internet pages accessed prior to ours. These cookies allow us to remember your preferences, usage options. Navigation and custom functions.
  • Cookies for performance and analysis purposes: We may use our own and third-party cookies to obtain technical and statistical data that allow us to identify the way in which you use our services in order to improve their performance and future developments.
  • Our own and third-party advertising cookies: We may place our own and third-party advertising cookies (such as business partners and Group Companies) to obtain information related to your purchasing, consumption and website viewing preferences to show you advertising that we consider relevant to you.
  • Other data: Likewise, as part of our processes to improve our products and services, in certain cases we may collect anonymous responses to surveys and requirements related to the use of our products and services. In certain cases and when necessary, we may apply data anonymization techniques in order to carry out certain predictive and statistical studies based on the information generated through the use of our Services.

We remind you that you can disable or adjust the use of cookies by following the procedures of the internet browser you use to access our websites, for example:

Google Chrome (Computer, Android, iPhone and iPad): https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=es-419
Internet Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/es-es/ help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies

If you use a browser or internet service other than the previous ones, you must review the Help center and/or settings on the use of cookies.

Date for last update:

This document was updated on July 3, 2023.