Custom Printed Tote Bags With Logo 👜🖨️🌟

Do you have a business? Do you want Promotional Bags? Our Personalized DTG printing tote bags are your best choice!

  • Cheap: Prices that fit your budget.
  • Eco-Friendly: friendly to the environment
  • Vibrant Colors and High Print Quality: Your designs will look amazing and detailed with crisp, bright colors.
  • Breathable: The print is not felt to the touch, it is NOT a DTF stamp.
  • Printing Complex and Full Color Designs: From the simplest to the most elaborate, we print all types of designs.
  • Fast and Ondemand Delivery: Receive your Printed canvas bags when you need them.
  • No Printing Minimums: From one piece or any quantity, without restrictions.
  • Free Designer on Our Website: Create your own designs with the help of our website or contact us to help you!

Personalized your tote bags with us. Wholesale Custom Tote Bags with logo,


Custom Printed Tote Bags

We are a company specializing in creating custom tote bags with logo for companies, restaurants, contractors, businesses and events. We use DTG (Direct to Garment) printing technology to ensure the highest quality from fabric to print. DTG printing is an advanced method that allows designs to be printed directly onto fabric with great precision and detail, using special inks that absorb into the fibers of the fabric. This technique is ideal for producing full-color images, complex logos, and custom designs without restrictions on the number of colors. DTG printing is primarily used because it offers superior quality, durability in designs, and flexibility to make small or large orders without compromising delivery time. Choosing our DTG technology ensures that each teote bag reflects professionalism and quality. We Custom tote bags with logo bulk.

Custom Tote Bags with logo, photo, image or text.

We custom tote bags with logo, photos, images, or text for a variety of occasions and purposes. Our offerings include custom tote bags for birthdays, church group bags, sporting team accessories, farmer’s market merch, community event souvenirs, shopping bags, library book club totes, grocery shopping, birthday hangover kits, class field trip bags, scouting activities, and more. We provide tote bags for events, exhibitions, concerts, and promotional purposes, ensuring fast shipping for your convenience. Whether you need custom tote bags for your business, company, contractors, or any other specific use, we’ve got you covered. Promote your brand, restaurant, business, service, or event, or create a wonderful gift for a loved one or yourself. Whatever your needs, we are here to help you make a lasting impression with our high-quality custom tote bags.

Main Features of Our Wholesale Custom Tote Bags With Logo.

Our tote bag customization service for companies, businesses or events is a quality, fast and economical service.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology: We use cutting-edge DTG printing to bring your unique designs to life with great precision and detail.
  • High-Quality Prints: Our DTG technology ensures superior quality and durability, with prints that stand the test of time.
  • Variety of Options: Choose from Economical Tote Bags, Tote Bags with bottom gussed, Canvas Tote with Contrast-Color Handles.
  • Suitable for Any Occasion: Perfect for promoting products, services, events, Merch, Community Event Souvenirs, Clubs, Exhibitions and more.
  • Flexibility: Whether you need one custome tote bag or custom tote bags bulk we got it. We don’t have any minimum order restrictions
  • Budget-Friendly: Our prices are designed to fit your budget, providing high-quality custom tote bags at competitive rates.


  • Vibrant Colors and Detailed Designs: Your designs will look amazing with crisp, bright colors and high detail.
  • Breathable Prints: Our prints absorb into the fibers of the fabric, it does not have the feel of a DTF stamp.
  • Quick Turnaround: We offer fast, on-demand delivery to ensure you receive your custom tote bag when you need them.
  • User-Friendly Designer: Create your own designs using our free online design tool or get assistance from our team to bring your vision to life.
  • Versatility: Ideal for businesses, contractors, companies, Restaurants, Clubs, Exhibitions, events, gifts and more.
  • Guaranteed Professionalism: Each shirt reflects professionalism and quality, ensuring your brand is represented at its best.

We have the necessary experience to ensure your custom tote bags orders. We know the proper techniques to create high-quality, long-lasting promotional bags prints. DTG printing surpasses DTF printing in terms of durability and quality, with no design restrictions. For over 10 years, we have been serving businesses, providing top-notch custom printed tote bags with DTG technology. We want to be more than just your tote bags supplier; we aim to be your business ally, fostering a long-term, win-win partnership.


Custom Canvas Totes & Promotional Tote Bags for Any Event

Elevate your brand with our custom tote bags for business. Perfect for corporate events, trade shows, and promotional giveaways, our high-quality tote bags can be personalized with your logo, company name, or message. Make a lasting impression on clients and partners while showcasing your brand in style. Fast shipping and no minimum order requirement ensure you get exactly what you need, when you need it.


Examples of Custom Tote Bags With Logo for Companies, Businesses and more.

Here are examples of custom tote bags for business. These tote bags are printed with corporate logos, team names, or promotional messages, making them perfect for unifying brand identity, celebrating special events, concerts, exhibitions, or using as promotional tote bags. Each tote bag showcases high-quality designs and durable materials, ensuring your business stands out and leaves a lasting impression.


How our custom tote bags with logo service works.

Step 1:  Pick a product
Choose a tote bag, color and quantity.

Step 2:  Design your tote bags online
Design a canvas bags with our user-friendly Design Studio.

Step 3:  Let us do our magic
Our team of professionals will do there magic and printed your canvas bags with the best printing techniques.

Step 4:  Come pick it up or we will delivery it
You can either visit our local store to pickup your order or we can ship your order to your home or business.


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    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Frequently asked questions for our custom tote bags with logo.

    The price of a personalized tote bag may vary depending on the type of bag, color, size, dimension and quantity. You can find affordable and premium quality bags, however, the price can range from $7 to $20 USD. Remember that the number of canvas bags you choose can influence the price.

    Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is an advanced technique that allows designs to be printed directly onto fabric with high precision and detail, using special inks that absorb into the fibers of the fabric. This method is ideal for producing full-color images, complex logos, and custom designs without restrictions on the number of colors.

    DTG printing offers greater durability and quality compared to DTF (Direct to Film) printing. Additionally, DTG does not have design restrictions and ensures that prints are smoother and more breathable. Know the differences between DTG, DTF and SCREEN PRINTING printing, know why DTG is the best method and the one of the future. Diference DTG, DTF and Screen Printing

    We offer fast and on-demand delivery. The exact time may vary depending on the order size and design complexity, but we strive to meet the shortest delivery deadlines possible.

    No, we do not have a minimum order. You can order from a single t-shirt to any quantity you need, without restrictions.

    You can customize a wide range of products, including short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, Aprons, Towels, Socks, Cotton Pouch and more.

    You can use our free online design tool on our website to create your own design. You can also contact our team for assistance in the design process.

    Yes, you can upload your own design through our online design tool or send it directly to us for printing.

    Thanks to our DTG printing technology and the use of high-quality inks, the printed designs are highly durable and withstand multiple washes without fading.

    Yes, we offer discounts for large orders. Please contact us to discuss the details and get a personalized quote.

    We accept various payment methods, including Zelle, Venmo, credit cards, Bank check, and bank transfers. For more details, visit our payments page on our website.

    Depending on the stage of the process your order is in, changes may be possible. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss any necessary modifications.

    If your order arrives damaged or with an error, please contact us immediately. We will ensure to rectify the issue as soon as possible and provide a satisfactory solution.

    Reviews of Custom Tote Bags.

    Adonica AlmarasAdonica Almaras
    02:02 02 Jun 24
    Service was very professional I was very pleased with the product they were able to do everything to our liking I would highly recommend custom tshirts you would be very pleased
    Monserrat RomoMonserrat Romo
    02:02 29 May 24
    I couldn't be happier with my experience at Custom Shirts! Their personalized shirts and pullovers are top-notch. The printing quality is exceptional, and the attention to detail is incredible. What really sets them apart is their fantastic online designer tool, which is free to use. It made creating our custom designs a breeze! The turnaround time was impressively quick, and the customer service was friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. If you're looking for unique, high-quality custom apparel, look no further! I'll definitely be ordering from them again soon. Highly recommend!
    Gerardo IbanezGerardo Ibanez
    14:15 25 Apr 24
    Great service and communication, my order was ready very quickly, good quality shirt and printing, I will definitely do business with them again.
    Zach RuthZach Ruth
    01:56 25 Apr 24
    Great quality and extremely fast service!
    erik riojaserik riojas
    03:45 12 Apr 24
    Got some tshirts made, came out really good and price was very exceptional recommend this to everyone
    Roger DhRoger Dh
    22:26 01 Apr 24
    Thanks to Custom Shirts Online for printing custom t-shirts for my daughter's birthday. The print quality was truly vibrant, and their service stood out for being fast and offering truly affordable and reasonable prices compared to other custom t-shirt businesses. Additionally, their team helped me create the design and adjust it according to my preferences. The payment method was divided into 50% when starting the work and the other 50% when finishing it. I will request your custom shirts service again here in Midland Texas.
    Edward LopezEdward Lopez
    21:07 23 Feb 24
    I recently ordered custom shirts, hoodies, and hats for my business, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their DTG technology ensured that the designs came out crisp and vibrant, exactly as I envisioned.The best part? There's no minimum order requirement, which is perfect for someone like me who only needed a few pieces. And despite the low quantity, the prices were surprisingly affordable, making it a no-brainer decision. I will return without a doubt!. Five stars! ????